Unbundled Legal Services / Consulting

Under a ‘general’ representation, an attorney will perform a combination of the following types of services: (1) gathering facts; (2) advising the client; (3) discovering facts of the opposing party; (4) researching the law; (5) drafting correspondence and documents; (6) negotiating; and (7) representing the client in court.

Attorneys in the state of Colorado may now offer what is referred to as ‘unbundled legal services’. These types of services include all of the above with the exception of entering a general appearance on behalf of the client. The attorney can enter a limited appearance for a specific hearing; i.e. temporary orders hearing, motions hearing, etc. Limited representation allows individuals better access to the legal system and provides a better opportunity for a pro se litigant to resolve legal disputes when that individual has the knowledge to understand their legal position. Further, the clients pay a reduced retainer and in some cases, may be able to pay at the end of each meeting between the client and attorney.

The benefits of retaining an attorney for a limited representation allows the attorney and the client the flexibility of addressing the client’s legal needs and financial limitations by contracting for less than the full bundle of services. The client is able to make use of the attorney on an ‘as needed’ basis for such services as resolving a specific issue, attending mediation with the client, preparing child support worksheets, calculating and advising regarding maintenance, drafting court pleadings, appearing at a specific hearing, and negotiating with other attorneys or pro se litigants.

It can be very difficult for an individual to understand the consequences of any decision they make, both in the short term and the long term without obtaining competent legal advice. Being able to have the law explained in a way that allows a client to understand the possible interpretations provides a Client the means to evaluate the risks of advocating a specific position and therefore make the best possible decision on how to proceed.

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Practice Areas

  • HOA and Condominium Law
  • Landlord Representation
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Civil Litigation