Protect Your Parent-Child Relationship

Reaching agreement on how children will divide their time between two loving parents is often the key to avoiding an intensely painful, financially overwhelming divorce process. Respecting the supreme importance of parent-child relationships and pursuing mutually acceptable divorce outcomes are strengths of the team at my law firm.

Attorneys Dedicated To Allocation Of Parenting Time And Decision-Making In The Best Interests Of Children In Colorado

Colorado laws governing what was formerly called child custody were overhauled in 1999. Under the new statute, key terms include parenting time and allocation of parental responsibilities. Many people have misconceptions about their viable options and how our courts view these issues, making it absolutely essential to work with experienced legal counsel.

In all matters involving minor children, their best interests must be kept front and center. Lawyers at this firm are skilled at analyzing the needs of children and structuring agreements that promote continued close contact with both the Mother and Father. I apply these same principles when conducting mediation in which the parenting plan and decision-making authority are central concerns.

A Balanced, Detail-Conscious Approach To Achieving Workable Outcomes

A trusted resource for divorce mediation and advocacy throughout a broad area of Colorado. Child custody attorneys at my firm focus on:

  • Providing reliable information and raising the right questions to help parents think through whether an equal-time-sharing agreement or some other arrangement will be best for children.
  • Encouraging respectful communication between divorcing or unmarried parents, which can both ease the process at hand and lay groundwork for avoiding future disputes
  • Creating detailed parenting plans that address all key issues such as parental responsibility for meeting children’s specific needs, holiday time and more
  • Building the strongest case possible for a favorable outcome in an intense dispute, sometimes due to complexities such as alleged domestic violence or substance abuse by a parent

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