Mediation Is About Reaching A Solution That Works

The Overwhelming Majority Of My Mediation Engagements Produce Mutually Acceptable Agreements.

What Are The Many Benefits Of Mediation?

Mediation is often an exhausting yet worthwhile process. When clients contact me, I expect them to be committed to finding a solution that works. Because both parties are working hard to resolve the problem, people are often more likely to abide by the agreements we reach. Mediation allows parties to handle their disagreement on their own terms and also allows the creativity that you will not find when a judge determines your fate.

Working with an experienced lawyer as your mediator is highly beneficial. I understand the law and of the more than 100 mediations I have handled, the overwhelming majority have been resolved. Due to the nature of the process, mediation is a great opportunity to resolve problems for three primary reasons:

  • Finding closure: When the mediation is finished, you can walk out and move on with your life. At the end of the process you have a signed agreement assuring that both sides are committed to keeping their promises. For people going through a divorce, mediation is an opportunity to reestablish communication, which is especially important when minor children are involved.
  • Building bridges: When honest communication is reestablished, parties are able to rebuild bridges that have been broken and work toward success in the future. If there are children involved, this communication can provide the necessary framework to work together in the best interest of the children and provide your children with the best opportunity to establish their own healthy relationships.
  • Reducing risk: When you work with another person to find a solution you are committed to following, you will be more likely to adhere to it than if rules were simply handed down from a judge. Mediation also provides the flexibility to develop a solution that meets all your needs.
  • Lowering the financial toll: Mediating a resolution is always less costly than litigation. Oftentimes, when a case goes to litigation it sits on a Judge’s calendar for an extended period of time and may include multiple hearings. All of this time adds up to money spent on attorney fees, research, and evidence gathering. Mediation, however, always takes far less time and usually results in a settlement the day of the mediation.
  • Creativity: Mediation is the opportunity to be creative. This is the true beauty and opportunity of mediation. A Court will view the issues as black and white and will not enter orders that actually consider the circumstances of each party. The Parties know what can actually work whether it involves the division of assets and debts, parenting, civil disputes and any other issues which require resolution. Becoming creative during mediation leads to solutions more rapidly and importantly, leads to agreements which each side has a greater opportunity for compliance. Creativity can become contagious and lead to easier resolutions in the future and may avoid the need to enter into future mediation.

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